National Ventilation has expanded its popular range of whole house ventilation systems with the addition of a new energy efficient Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) unit. Designed for new build residential projects the Monsoon EnergysaverTM MON-MEV DC Multi Room Unit is ideal for small developers or self-builders and offers extract from multiple rooms, flexible installation, ultra-quiet performance and comes with a 5-year warranty giving peace of mind.

Boasting a low carbon footprint, the MON-MEV DC Multi Room unit is part of National Ventilation’s EnergysaverTM range, has market-leading efficiency and is recognised on SAP PCDB, helping developers with DER requirements. But the unit is not only highly efficient it stands out from the crowd because it also offers ultra-quiet performance at an impressive 13dB(A), making it attractive to homeowners. Offering multiple install options, the MON-MEV DC Multi Room Unit is suitable for wall, ceiling or loft mounting installation with an integral digital display allowing the installer to select appropriate speed to meet demand making the unit easy to install, commission and control. A compact unit, it is fitted with four extract 125mm diameter spigots allowing quick connection to ducts.

Designed for continuous extract of stale air from separate areas around the home or for commercial applications where a multipoint extractor system is needed, including toilets, changing rooms and cubicles. These multi-room extract units have been developed so they can be installed in many applications and condensate drains are provided for locations where the ambient air has a high humidity content. Offering airflows of 118l/s the unit is available with three speeds offering flexibility to suit each individual project. Plus, the unit can be used with a PIR controller and wired remote timer.

“Our whole house ventilation offering has just become even better with the introduction of the MON-MEV DC Multi Room Unit. Not only does the unit offer market-leading efficiency but it also provides ultra-quiet performance at an impressive 13dB(A). Meanwhile, its digital display makes install even easier!” said Robin Francis, Managing Director at National Ventilation. “Offering premium-build quality and great reliability, customers can have peace of mind with an extended 5-year warranty.”

With the growing demand for continuous whole house ventilation systems the MON-MEV DC Multi Room Unit offers a great opportunity for installers to enter the new build market. However, with a whole house system it is vital to have a ventilation design for the project. Fortunately, National Ventilation specialises in offering a full design service for self-build and design and build projects. The company provides a full free service which includes consultation, site visit, ducting layout and quotation. Right from the beginning of a project the National Ventilation team can assist by producing a full design and quotation from any supplied building drawings, which will detail unit calculations, a full kit list, as well as recommended duct routes.

In addition, National Ventilation has a team of project managers who will conduct a pre-order site visit to ensure the design will perform as intended. A site visit service like this ensures a contractor is not caught out since plans can often only tell half the story with details such as steels not always showing up on original plans. The knock-on effect of this can be a need for additional materials that haven’t been considered in the original calculations.

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