Lo-Carbon Sentinel Econiq Cool-Flow
Wholehouse Ventilation Systems
  • Best in class SFP’s and thUp to 3.78kW of cooling provided
  • Activated automatically at 24°C to prevent overheating to meet Part O and TM59
  • Lowers fresh air supply temperature from ambient temperatures by up to 21°C
  • R32 refrigerant with a GWP of 675, 50% lower than R134a
  • EER up to 4.12
  • App allowing full commissioning and control of activation
  • Sentinel-X Wireless Temperature Sensors available
  • Best in class SFP’s and thermal efficiencies up to 93%
  • Sound data independently tested and verified by SRL
  • Wall mounted and Floor Standing options available
  • Designed with 200mm spigots to provide maximum cooling and minimal noise levels all at low system pressures

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413887 Sentinel Econiq Cool-Flow Wall Mounted Kit
413888 Sentinel Econiq Cool-Flow Floor Mounted Kit
411628 Wall Mounting Kit for Controller
411690 ISO 60% Coarse (G4) Filter 2 per Pack
411691 ISO ePM10 50% (M5) Filter 1 per Pack
411692 ISO ePM2.5 70% (F7) Filter 1 per Pack

Sensor Overview

Code Power Colour CO2 PIR Temp. Humidity Wireless 4 Speed Switch
496431 Battery White
496437 Battery White
497689 Battery Black
496432 0-10V White
496429 240V White
496433 240V White
496438 240V White
496620 240V White
497693 240V Black
496621 240V White
497697 240V Black