National Ventilation, has designed and supplied a whole house ventilation system to a two-storey home being built in Taunton, Somerset. The project, consisting of a ground floor and first floor, was already well underway when National Ventilation was contacted and so required their free design expertise to work with the existing build.

National Ventilation worked with the owner and designer to create a system that would provide the correct levels of ventilation and physically work within the existing structure. A mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) unit was required to improve indoor air quality and reduce space heating costs. The Monsoon HRU/330-100 MVHR was selected to meet these requirements, as well as being able to work efficiently with the extra pressure created by using the existing underfloor pipework as the supply and extract pipe. Monsoon radial ducting was also specified as it offers simplified installation and on-site flexibility for any variations that arise in a project compared to design plans.

Somerset Exterior Ventilation

 “We really appreciated National Ventilation’s help with the ventilation design. The project was already well underway when we contacted them. However, this was not a problem as National Ventilation came up with a ventilation solution to meet the project’s needs. By visiting the site prior to ordering the equipment, they were able to troubleshoot any issues and it was reassuring when they visited after the install to check the systems. With their expert knowledge we felt assured that not only would the system provide the necessary ventilation but it would also meet Building Regulations,” said Chris Towns the designer developer of the project.


National Ventilation undertook two site visits for the project. The first visit ascertained where to run the ducting for the ventilation, how to run the ducting between floors and where to run the riser on the first floor. The property has high vault ceilings and so National Ventilation also checked that there was enough space in the roofline to position the ducting. They visited the project again after the system was installed to check the ducting routes and connections and ensure there were not too many bends before the ceilings went back up. This gave the designer developer confidence that the ventilation system was installed to meet Building Regulations.

National Ventilation’s free design service includes unit calculations, a full kit list as well as recommended duct routes. Using project drawings, National Ventilation uses its specialist ventilation equipment knowledge coupled with software programmes to specify the correctly sized ventilation units and the correct type and lengths of ducting – whilst ensuring a ventilation system meets Building Regulations. The second step is to decide where best to locate the MVHR unit, risers and ducting. This is supplied as part of the design along with a quote and detailed calculations. National Ventilation’s BPEC accredited project managers will then carry out a free pre-order site visit to ensure the design will perform as intended. This visit avoids any issues and is a great trouble shooting exercise.

“Our free design service is available to anyone who needs help designing ventilation systems and specifying the correct equipment,” explained Christian Rehn, National Project and Design Manager at National Ventilation. “We work closely with architects and contractors throughout the design process and offer site visits to avoid unnecessary surprises such as a building not quite matching the plans.”

The Monsoon HRU whole house heat recovery systems provide superior air comfort levels whilst minimising heat wastage making it ideal for the Somerset home. Heat that would normally be expelled outside is recovered and transferred to fresh air being drawn into the property, which the system then distributes throughout. In this way the Monsoon HRU system conserves energy and can significantly reduce the space heating bill of a domestic dwelling a key consideration in the specification for this project. By removing the stale polluted air in a home, it also helps control condensation levels resulting in improved indoor air quality and so a healthier and more comfortable home environment.


The new Monsoon HRU/330-100 MVHR unit is ultra-silent, running continuously at low speed, and only boosting to high speed when required. In addition, there is the option to include an in-duct humidistat to automatically boost the units to high speed, further reducing installation time as well as cost. Plus, installation is simplified thanks to the unit’s multi spigot arrangement with a horizontal duct option offering space saving installation.

The Monsoon radial ducting system is 60% quicker to install than traditional ducting thanks to the unique click system which removes any need for sealant and tape, simplifying and speeding up the installation process. Radial ducting completely eliminates the possibility of noise transfer between rooms, which is often a problem with traditional ducting. The flexibility of the ducting also allows for unforeseen circumstances during installation and its smaller diameter means it is crush resistant and sturdier than alternatives. Its round shape simplifies cleaning of the system and clean, healthy air is guaranteed as it is antistatic and antibacterial.

Specializing in innovative, energy saving solutions, National Ventilation has one of the largest ranges of ventilation products in the UK. National Ventilation’s Certified Ventilation Team can inspect, test and provide information for any of the common types of domestic ventilation systems in the UK. For further information on all products and services offered by National Ventilation telephone 01823 690 290.