MVHR Systems and Ventilation Design Service

National Ventilation’s free Design Service allows wholesalers and contractors to be safe in the knowledge that the system is well designed and fit for purpose. See below our full range of MVHR systems. Click here to learn about our free ventilation design service.

Monsoon Energysaver™ IntelliSystem Heat Recovery


The Monsoon Energysaver IntelliSystem heat recovery unit from National Ventilation is the latest energy-saving heat recovery solution. Simple and effective it has been designed to provide the maximum level of control and comfort available by continuously supplying and extracting air throughout the home ensuring the best possible consumer experience. Click here to learn about our free ventilation design service. Product Code: MON-HRU/350-150i

Monsoon Energysaver MON-HRU Range - Wholehouse heat recovery systems


The Monsoon MON-HRU range offers the perfect solution for wholehouse heat recovery, bringing in fresh warm ventilated air and helping to save money on energy bills. Click here to learn about our free ventilation design service. Product Code - MON-HRU, MON-HRU 230/100, MON-HRU 330/100, MON-HRU 400/150.

Monsoon Radial Ducting


National Ventilation’s radial air distribution system is designed for use in homes, apartments and small buildings. The radial system is up to 60% quicker and easier to install, saving time and money.

Monsoon Energysaver Single Room Heat recovery


The Monsson Energysaver Single Room Heat recovery is ideal for tackling condesation and damp issues such as mould growth.
Product code - MON-HR100, MON-HR150

Monsoon Energysaver MHR100


The compact air supply and exhaust ventilation unit Energysaver MHR100 is a simple and effective energy-saving solution ventilation of apartments, cottages, single-family houses, workshops and trade premises.
Product Code - MHR100

Monsoon Energysaver HRU-ECO Range


The Monsoon HRU-ECO system can significantly reduce the space heating bill of a domestic dwelling, putting more money in your pocket. It will assist in controlling the condensation levels in the home by removing the stale polluted air.
Product Code:ECO300VEC, ECO300HEC