Mixed Flow Monsoon Range

Monsoon UMD Pro Mixed Flow Fans


The Monsoon UMD Pro mixed flow Series is specially designed with an optimised case and an aerodynamic impeller, ensuring the best combination of high air capacity, powerful pressure and low noise level. Product codes - UMD100SX-PRO, UMD100TX-PRO, UMD125SX-PRO, UMD125TX-PRO, UMD150SX-PRO, UMD150TX-PRO, UMD200SX-PRO, UMD200TX-PRO

Monsoon UMD Mixed Flow Fans


The UMD mixed flow fan Domestic range can be used for exhaust and supply ventilation systems that require high pressure, powerful airflow and low noise levels. The UMD range is a ideal solution for rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. For technical datasheets, please contact us on 01823 690290.
Product code - UMD100, UMD100T