The Green Homes Grant is good news for homeowners and residential landlords offering a way to help to improve the energy efficiency of homes. With the Grant voucher worth up to £5,000, it covers up to two-thirds of the cost of installing energy saving home improvements. These can include insulating a home to reduce energy use, such as insulation, double glazing and draught proofing or installing low-carbon heating. Hand-in-hand with these improvements, installers mustn’t forget to think about ventilation, which is also covered by the Green Homes Grant. Ventilation should not be an afterthought, insulating to make a home more air tight to save energy without improving ventilation can cause indoor air pollution, condensation and mould.

For installers who would like to take up the opportunity of working under the Green Homes Grant scheme they will need to register with Trustmark. This means meeting Publicly Available Specification Standards (PAS 2030) to install energy efficiency measures. In line with Building Regulations, installers therefore need to comply with the legal requirement that a home’s indoor air quality must not be made worse by adding insulation, double glazing or draught proofing measures under the Green Homes Grant scheme.

Installers will be pleased to know that the Green Homes Grant voucher covers repairing and improving controlled ventilation under reasonable enabling work to support the retrofit. A cost-effective route to compliance within the Green Homes Grant scheme is to install intermittent extract fans of the right size in ‘wet’ rooms and to ensure fresh air enters the building through background ventilators without causing draughts.

To make things simple for installers the Green Homes Compliance Scheme is running alongside the Green Homes Grant to provide guidance on how to ensure a home has enough ventilation when a building’s air tightness is improved. Launched to help installers easily identify products through its Green Homes Compliance badge for accredited products, the badge demonstrates fans will meet Building Regulations requirements and deliver effective ventilation. This means installers will meet their legal requirements.

Choosing one of our Green Homes Compliance Accredited Monsoon fans listed below is an easy way for installers to tackle potential ventilation problems that could happen by increasing a home’s airtightness.

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